New historical romance, From A Sea Ablaze - out now!

From A Sea Ablaze, the exciting new historical romance by Ray Murray is out now - for your Kindle.


The year is 1588 and the whole of England waits in fear and trepidation: Catholic Spain is about to invade.


The Spanish Armada battles the tiny English fleet off the coast of Cornwall. In the fierce fight, 17-year-old Diego gets swept overboard and is washed up on the Cornish coast. There he meets Bess Trevanion, 16, a fisherman's daughter.


Will Bess hide the wounded Spaniard or hand him over to the authorities? Can two people thrown together in the torment of war find love and a life together?


From A Sea Ablaze is an adventure story for adults and teenagers. Read it on your Kindle now. Go to this page

Save the rhino - and support Tusk now!

Arabella Parker is supporting Tusk, the UK charity that exists to fight Africa's poaching crisis. Since its formation in 1990 Tusk has raised over £16 million for a wide range of projects across Africa - to protect wildlife and to alleviate poverty. 


A contribution will be made to Tusk for every copy sold of Arabella Parker and the Rhino Horn Poachers. We hope the book will encourage children to get involved in helping to save endangered species, and will raise awareness of the plight of the rhino in Africa.


Arabella Parker is a strong supporter of Tusk, which has HRH The Duke of Cambridge, KG, as its Royal Patron, and is supported by, among others, Ruby Wax, Deborah Meaden, Ronnie Wood, Rory Bremner, Zoe Ball, Ben Fogle and Joanna Lumley.


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Whether printed books or e-books, we aim to publish quality titles that will encourage reading - and will excite young and adult minds!


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Out now as ebook or paperback: the third Arabella Parker novel.


Arabella Parker and the Rhino Horn Poachers is a highly topical adventure for young readers with a strong eco message.


The book highlights the evil trade in rhino horn - and its publication comes as Prince William, royal patron of the Tusk Trust, has condemned the illegal hunting, calling poachers "extremely ignorant, selfish and utterly wrong".


Black rhinos are in danger of extermination due to the illicit trade - and the latest Arabella Parker adventure helps shine a spotlight on this scourge.


Published August 30, 2012


174 pages Paperback

ISBN: 9780957076662



ISBN: 9780957076655


Out now: A Man in Macau

Available for download to your Kindle! Click here


A brilliantly told novel of discovery, friendship and, ultimately, love. 

It's a case of mistaken identity that leads ex-pat Julia Wade to seek out a Man in Macau. But who is this mysterious new friend of hers? Is he all he seems, or is he playing games? Eric Waterson hides his secrets well, but the biggest unanswered question is: what does he truly feel for Julia?
Through the heat and rain of the exotic enclave of Macau, Julia and, later, her friend Hilary, try to unravel the same puzzle, at the heart of which stands a man with money, power, and a reputation.
In a richly evocative debut novel, set in the late 1980s before Hong Kong's sovereignty was transferred to China, Esther-Margaret Hood takes the reader on a journey across the Pearl River Delta to a place where nothing is quite what it seems. In this feverish climate, Hilary wonders what Julia had imagined, and what is actually true.
As the truth emerges, the repercussions for Julia's future are truly profound.

New book!


The second Arabella Parker book is out as a paperback and an e-book now! Get your order in today...


The eagerly-awaited second in the series, Arabella Parker and the Chinese Snakehead Gangsters, is available from Amazon for download to your Kindle, iPad, laptop or PC. The book can also be bought from iTunes or via Apple's iBooks app.


And if you prefer the paperback version, you can order from or from now! Or buy it from your local independent bookstore.


The second book is a new adventure for Arabella Parker and her "gang" and is a really exciting story for 8-12 year olds.


The book has been test-read by two young girls in this age range, with highly positive reviews! One 11-year-old wrote: "It's even better than the first. I loved it!"


The Arabella Parker buzz is growing....

Out now!


The first Arabella book is out as an e-book and is published as a paperback. Buy from this site, or from recognised outlets such as


You can also buy the paperback from Waterstones and WH Smith. The book became available from December 14, 2011.


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Local author


The Oxford Times has written a short piece on Ray Murray and the first Arabella Parker book, under the heading, "Local Author".


The paper says that the book has "sold so well that Mr Murray, father of The Oxford Times journalist Jon Murray, is bringing out a second Arabella book shortly, in which Arabella takes on a Chinese gang who want to kidnap her friend."


Of course, the second Arabella book is now out, and a third is on the way in the autumn!